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FANTASY SCIENCE FICTION/All Ages/GenreCon 2007/GenreCon 2007 Final List of Panels and Authors

SARNIA, Ont., May 3/LPW – The annual Fantasy Science Fiction Horror gathering, GenreCon, has finalized the list of panels and participants. GenreCon will be held May 12, 2007, at the Sarnia Branch of the Lambton County Library.

Final list of Panels and Panelists:

12 p.m. Genre Jumping a Good or Bad Idea?

Moderator Sarah Zettel, Robert J. Sawyer, Kelley Armstrong, Steve Climer, Jean Rae Baxter

Does writing in more than genre increase or decrease the success of your writing career? If you do jump genres what are the best ways to do it and what are things to avoid? What are some examples of successful and unsuccessful attempts to jump genres?

1 p.m Spear Carriers: The Characters Other Than the Hero

Moderator Jeff DeLuzio, John McFetridge, Peggy Herron, Dennis Collins, Suzanne Church

How are they created? How can they be used to fill out the background of the story giving texture and detail without overwhelming the plot. The writers will talk about where the character came from and how they were developed.

At the end of the discussion the audience can choose a picture, list words describing a person in it and write a paragraph putting the words together and voila: a character is born. At 5:00 PM we will have a follow up where people will then read their paragraphs.

2 p.m. The Art and Science of Evolving as a Writer

Moderator Sarah Zettel, Sylvia Hubbard, Suzanne Church, Peggy Herron, Jake Doherty

In order to improve as a writer you have to practice. What are some of the ways to do this? How can you tell if there is improvement?

3 p.m. Creating an Effect With Your Writing.

Moderator Rick Blechta, Sylvia Hubbard, Caitlin Sweet, John McFetridge, Steve Climer

Many writers strive to create a certain feeling in the reader with their work. How is this achieved and how does it affect the creation of the story.

4 p.m. So How Does it End?

Moderator Dennis Collins, Rick Blechta, Caitlin Sweet, Jake Doherty, Jean Rae Baxter

A good ending leaves the reader satisfied but also wanting more. What kinds of ways can a writer end a story and what are ways to come up with a good ending to your story?

5 p.m. Show and Tell Panel on Characters

Jeff DeLuzio and Kelley Armstrong moderators

Name: GenreCon
Where: Sarnia Branch, Lambton County Library,
124 Christina St. South, Sarnia, Ontario N7T 8E1
Sarnia is one hour north east of Detroit Michigan on I-94 and
One hour west of London, Ontario on the 402.
ConChairs: Jeff Beeler and Ellen Dark

About the Author -

Raven Bower is the author of the upcoming horror novel, Apparitions (ArcheBooks 2007)


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