Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bitternest - by Alan Draven

Fellow horror author Alan Draven's new book has just hit the stands! You can find his book at Amazon.com, Barnsandnoble, Borders and BooksaMillion. It's also available in a PDF form for $6.00.

Here's a brief synopsis:

Bitternest. A Louisiana city of sunken dreams and drunken ambitions. A hidden gateway to hell infused with dark myths and a sinister history where evil lurks in every fog-shrouded corner. A pandemic of avian influenza is slowly crippling the world. Oddly, only this city appears to be resisting, but at what cost? Following a grim discovery, Detective Terry Graves is taken to a secret underground crypt, and thrown into the dark realm of vampires. There he learns that their numbers are dwindling; their only salvation lies in creating an alliance. Together, they must face a new breed of creatures waging war to both man and vampires while a drug lord with a hidden agenda plans the city's downfall. Nothing is what it seems. Terry finds himself drowning in a web of deception. Upon seeking answers, he realizes that something much worse is looming in the city, for an ancient evil has been unleashed-and cannot be stopped.

For more information check out his page here: Alan Draven

About the author -

Raven Bower is the author of the upcoming horror novel, Apparitions (ArcheBooks May 2007)


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